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The winners would be announced during the World Series of 1999.The drawback, and Selig knew it right away, was that this election could produce an injustice for some great players who had concluded their careers before the current generation of fans, before cable television began displaying endless loops of home runs by sluggers who were mysteriously growing burlier by the hour.In addition to being the commissioner, with all the crass business decisions that post entails, Selig is a legitimate fan who grew up in Milwaukee, whose mother took him to Chicago and New York, giving him a lifelong appreciation for the game.Knowing, just knowing, that some great players would be left out by mathematical inevitability, Selig did the prudent, fretting, consensual, quintessential Bud Selig thing: he arranged for an oversight committee that would add five players, making it a top thirty team. He just knew.Selig's premonition came true when voting closed on September 10, 1999. Pete Rose, who had been banned from baseball after blatantly denying he had gambled on games, was among the top nine outfielders on the all century team; Stan Musial, with his perfect image, who ranked among the top ten hitters who ever played, was mired at eleventh.

According to Reese, the foundation will begin a large fundraising drive during the fall, where they hope to raise the necessary funds for the project. The architectural plans have already been developed for the expansion, however there may have to be some changes based on the amount of donations they receive. Reese hopes to begin construction for the new expansion by the end of the year..

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