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By the way, hold the rant about how this isn't a good use of the city's money. The San Francisco Pow Wow (and, just a suggestion, but is that really the best name for this?) cost $5 million, but that money came from the , sponsorships and the hosts. City agencies only helped with cleanup and security..

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The bouncers formed a massive wall outside the door. Close to 70 fans begged them to help get his autograph. One, desolate, asked the main security guard who seemed Indian, "Why can't you just tell us what he is doing or when he will be done? Then we will know whether to stay or leave." The man replied, "Arre meri naukri hai ki mein yeh nahin bol sakta.

I saw a strange bright light over east Bournemouth last night, it started off as a brilliant white intense light before it faded, at first i thought it was the iss but at the time 11.20pm it couldn't have been as at that time it was over south America, then i realised it was traveling north to south so it couldn't be. Next i thought it could have been an aircraft from the airport but it was silent and moving quite fast before moving straight up and vanishing. Also it had no other navigation lights.

"Greg didn seem to like my tone. I wasn crying, I wasn folding. I wasn making it easy. These items can then be sold for profits, or in game gold. There are different hot spots for gold farming including the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, the Outlands, Felwood, Devilsaurs etc. However, even gold farming techniques have become outdated due to the monopoly of expert online gamers..

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