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The duo got on like BFF's, with Stern gushing, "I just want to tell you buy safe wow gold that I love you and I think you're fantastic. I love the show." Dunham thanked him and went off to sleep, fresh from her two Golden Globe wins.RELATED: DUNHAM CALLS IN TO CONFRONT HOWARD ON THE AIR'MOB WIVES' DON'T TAKE ANY JUNKDaily News Readers alert Going forward, the Daily News will require new users to register to the site using full names in order to comment on stories. If you have an existing Daily News account and you registered with only a screen name, that name will still be valid.

She's delighted to be shooting for Bazaar. And while she wishes she could have done the shoot in a sari, she's happy with the experimentation and the fact that she's sporting a look never seen on her before. She's delighted at the way Bazaar has captured a different side of her, and is a bit surprised by the result as well.

The town's population has nearly doubled from 12,600 people to 23,000 people.Patrick Parker hitchhiked from Yuba City, Calif., to Williston. When NBC News spoke to him, he had just $12 in his pocket. Parker, a paving stone layer by trade, has been out of work for two years."One of my goals is to make my daughters proud of me," said an emotional Parker.

Phil Phillips: Phil chose to perform the Genesis hit, "That's All." After a rocky rehearsal with the mentors, Tony suggested that Phil not play the guitar in the bridge and instead, make eye contact with the audience. It was a great suggestion since a connection to Phil is sometimes hard to establish since he is such an introverted performer who seems to forget that there's an audience. Unfortunately, this week Phil seemed distracted by having his brother in law, Ben playing guitar with him on stage and failed to make that critical connection.

If you choose Tailoring as a crafting profession you can make some serious gold at the Netherweave and Frostweave level. I recommend you powerlevel to these levels. The best way to powerlevel Tailoring is to use the Auction House to your advantage by buying alot of stacks of low level cloth at higher prices.

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