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HM Queen Elizabeth II has cheap wow gold missed very few public engagements over her long reign. But this Wednesday the Queen was due to attend a service of the Royal Victorian order with other members of the royal family and about 1,200 people. At the last minute she had to pull out because she had a "heavy nosebleed".

Now that we can measure the exact power draw of any SATA attached SSD, interesting trends start showing up. Every attribute, from power up, to sequential and random workloads, and even the TRIM command shows up as a distinct power level unique to each drive. Power consumption is also intrinsically linked to performance.

Once back there, we were confronted with the SoCo fleet, which was heavy on Rokhs and had two Thanatos carriers in support, pretty much right there on the gate. It was then time to jockey for position. DBRB burned us away from the hostiles, as we came through within range of some of their long range units but outside of our own missile envelope..

The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards had the first red carpet fashion blunder on Sunday night as fans watched Tamar Braxton walk down the red carpet. One of the many daring outfits of the night, there was no doubt the fans were surprised by the revealing moment, but thankfully the star took her fashion mix up in stride. Even the reporters on the red carpet noticed with some pointed out it was the first wardrobe malfunction..

Anyway, things went well and I belted through the 70 quests for the zone easily enough. There are a lot of talk to quests on the lists that help swell the total number of quests. Unlike Darkshore, where I was scrambling to find that last quest for the achievement, in Ashenvale I was only part way into the Warsong area quests when I got the achievement..

Nancy Grace has made headlines with her Quickstep performance, but not for her dancing. She had a wardrobe malfunction on "DWTS" 13 Monday night and the video is seen HERE from Youtube. Grace denies having a wardrobe issue after her right breast popped out of her costume, but can it really be disputed once you watch the footage?.

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