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Shea replaced Joe Corona in the 68th minute, just as the Americans were pressing forward again. Alejandro Bedoya got the ball on his left foot and crossed to Donovan, who took a swing and missed. But it was enough to throw goalkeeper Jaime Pendeo off, and when the ball rolled past Panama's Roberto Chen and on toward the net, Shea was ready.

Crazy One she was Jezebel out there. Crazy One's hair is a bit of mess; like he just woke up. Carrie Ann says everyone is working their booties off to keep up. Artist Damien Hirst so considers punk clothing art that he paid $160,000 for a collection of it for his museum. Unfortunately, Sex Pistols founder Malcolm McLaren has declared it all fake, and he should know: He created the originals with designer Vivienne Westwood. But when McLaren went to Hirst's house, he had bad news..

The designation of a variable as a signed int32 allows for a maximum value of negative or positive 2 to the power of 31 (subtracting one on the positive side of the scale). So int32 allows for a range of 2^31 to 2^31 1. 2^31 is 2,147,483,648 1 which is 2,147,483,647.

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This has been his best season yet. Not because he is scoring rampantly (he has scored 18 goals in 27 games in all competitions currently) but because his performances earned him a call up into the national team. This was after representing Ghana literally at all the levels available the Under 17 (Black Starlets), U20 (Black Satellites), U23 (Black Meteors) and the local Black Stars team.

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